50 and still going strong...

Walter and Roberto
are celebrating this year
50 years from the opening of


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many years

...and much patience!

Roberto and Walter Ferretto have made this restaurant more and more exclusive, valuing the dishes and making the rooms modern. Innovation and love for tradition are the instruments the Ferretto family and ILCASCINALENUOVO's Staff were able to tune as components of a single and unique cooking concept, leave room for more creativity in the kitchen and for an opening to new trends and new flavours.

Michelin Star
Walter Ferretto and Staff
Awards Received
Cooking Meeting

To all the collaborators and the clients...

Thanks for believing in us and in the passion we put in our job.

Tradition and innovation for an high-level mix of dishes. The Staff is kind, attentive and prepared. Agnolotti del plin deserve a 5-star rating: highly recommended!

Ristorante Asti
Edoardo Cucco Local Guide

An enjoyable and relaxcing place one step away from the highway. In a simple but elegant environment are well displayed Romano Levi's labels, a pleasant accompanying to the tasty typical Piedmont's dishes.

Restaurant Asti
Luca Lattarini Local Guide

A friendly place, if a bit holiday inn in vibe, but rooms are clean and warm. The restaurant is excellent, great food and service. Had a better time than piazza duomo. Great wine!

Restaurant Asti
Tor Chiu Local Guide